Unstoppable Force: Exploring the Dominance of North korea

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"North Korea's Unprecedented Intercontinental Missile Test Sends Shockwaves Across the Globe as Russia-Ukraine Conflict Dominates

In 2022, when on one side the eyes of the whole world were focused on the Russia-Ukraine war, meanwhile on the other side of Asia a country was engaged in making very dangerous weapons, such weapons which no country had made before and which was closely related to China. This small country is North Korea. North Korea tested 90 ballistic missiles in 2022, out of which eight were intercontinental missiles, meaning their range was so high that they could hit targets from one continent to another. Then on March 24, 2022, North Korea Korea fired a similar intercontinental missile which flew 6000 kilometers above our atmosphere and then came back down and fell in the Sea of Japan, very near Hokkaido, Japan. This is a total distance of approximately 12000 kilometers, which is the maximum distance of any country so far. There are no such missiles which have such a long range. After this missile experiment, there was a commotion in America. However, if we look at geography, America is very far from the rest of the world and there is sea on both sides, if we look from the Western and African sides. So in the middle it is Atlantic Ocean of 5000 km and if seen from the eastern side, it is Pacific Ocean of approximately 10000 km.

"America's Strategic Distance Tested as North Korea's Missile Advances Threaten Regional Stability"

Now it has been very beneficial for America to be so far away from the rest of the world and this is the reason why there was no direct attack on America in any of the world wars. Only when Japan attacked Pal Har, America's Pacific flight was standing here. The impact of these missile experiments was so much that the very next day the American and South Korean Air Forces continued joint patrolling in the entire area from Korea to Japan. These intercontinental missiles mean that now the entire America is on the target of North Korea. But this is only a small region due to which it is so difficult to attack North Korea. The truth is that in today's article we are going to tell you such facts, after listening to which you will also understand that North Korea can be defeated. Not only is it difficult to do, but it is almost possible. In 2022, North Korea not only conducted this intercontinental missile test, but in October, North Korea conducted a short range ballistic missile test which passed over Japan and fell in the Pacific Ocean, 4600 km away. These short range ballistic missiles mean that now North Korea can easily target Japan, South Korea and the American military base in Goa. And to top it all, North Korea is now reducing its use of technical nuclear missiles. Technical Nuclear Tiles Normal Nuclear They are very different from missiles. Firstly, their size is very small and they can hit the target at

short range. Secondly, they do not require any submarine or special jet to move, but they can easily hit the target even with a normal missile vehicle.

"Escalating Tensions: North Korea's Tactical Nuclear Missile Program Raises Alarms Worldwide"

Just as a normal nuclear bomb requires the approval of the President or the Prime Minister to operate, a tactical nuclear missile requires only the commander's approval to operate and the reason for this is that while a normal nuclear bomb can destroy an entire city, a technical nuclear missile can destroy an entire city. Weapons are meant only to target a specific thing, like destroying an enemy base or an entire battalion. Now North Korea knows very well that if it gets attacked by South Korea and America, it will launch an intercontinental attack on America. If North Korea fires a nuclear missile, then in response the American submarine will destroy the entire North with three nuclear missiles and in this way no one will get anything. On the other hand, if North Korea fights only with tanks and giants, then America Literally, this war will be won in a few weeks because America has about 30,000 soldiers in South Korea, 50,000 soldiers in Japan and 22,000 soldiers here in Goaand then here in the air is America's largest external naval base where at least 2000 military jets are standing ready all the time, so North Korea knows very well that without nuclear weapons, it cannot attack America at all, but with nuclear missiles, the danger is that American submarines can target it in return. That is why North Korea is now making technical nuclear missiles so that in case of war, it can easily target the American military bases in Japan, South Korea and Hawaii and in this way the American army will be neutralized because in this entire area apart from Ireland. The story of America is that there is no military base and another big problem in this whole scenario is that even a small mistake can lead to huge losses.

Seoul, just 50 km away from North Korea, is the capital of South Korea and the 16th largest city in the world, where 50 percent of the population of South Korea lives. Any misfire from North Korea can lead to the death of millions of people, that is why America There is a big effort to make North Korea reduce its work on nuclear weapons, but it is clear that North Korea is not easy to accept on this matter. If America tries to put pressure on North Korea through military, then no one has any idea what North Korea will do. How will he react because given the kind of personality of Korean President Kim Jung Un, it is not known that if he was provoked too much, he would have fired direct missiles on America, so now the only option left for America is to impose economic sanctions on North Korea. Try it, but this option may also not be successful and the reason for this is that Shanghai, China is the biggest trading partner of North Korea. 90% of North Korea's international trade is with China and the entire economy of North Korea is running through this money.

Understanding the China-North Korea Alliance: Geopolitical Realities and Strategic Imperatives"

China and North Korea are official allies and there is a military defense trade between them, according to which if any other country attacks either of them, then both will defend each other together. Now the question arises that whether North Korea Korea has been cut off by the whole world. Why is China so friendly with it? The answer to this question is China's geography. As we have already told in many videos that China has only one route to connect with the whole world. But in all this there are small islands like Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Rio Co Islands and Philippines, all these islands are friends of America and at one of its signals they can block the trade routes of China. Now China's biggest enemy is America. The largest military base in Asia is in South Korea

Where there are about 30,000 American soldiers and that is why for China, North Korea is a buffer state between it and the American soldiers, that is why China wants to remain with North Korea in every situation because America and South Korea together attack North Korea and destroy it. If North Korea is captured then China will be completely alone because in this way there will be all the American influence islands around China and China's survival is good. Similarly, another difficulty for China is that if North Korea loses this war then it will become a refugee. We will have to face a crisis because millions of Koreans will cross to China and obviously this will be a huge burden on China's economy and this is the reason why North Korea is China's helplessness at the moment, so till now there are two things which can make North Korea unbeatable. One is its tremendous missile technology and second is the support of China. Third, another thing which is going to make North Korea stronger in competition with South Korea is its increasing population. Now if we look at the current population of South Korea, then it It is almost double that of North Korea but this gap is going to reduce in the future and the reason for this is the low birth rate of South Korea. The birth rate in South Korea is 1.1 whereas the birth rate in North Korea is double that of South Korea. Now you see this population pyramid.

In which North Korea is on the left and South Korea is clearly visible on the right side. The total population of South Korea is much higher than that of North Korea, but the young population of both the countries is almost the same. This clearly means that with double the birth rate. In the next 20 to 30 years, North Korea will become equal to South Korea in population and this will mean more army power and more power and these are all the things due to which North Korea has become a headache for America, whose situation seems to be improving at the moment. No, North Korea is rapidly reducing its nuclear weapons. Very soon it is going to give a very dangerous surprise and at present no country can convince it

"North Korea's Nuclear Ambitions Spark Debate on Global Ban Amidst Rising Tensions"

When to put a ban on nuclear weapons because North Korea has well seen what was the result of the countries which banned their nuclear programs on America's account, Iraq, Libya and now the example of Ukraine is in front of everyone, these three countries have banned their nuclear programs on America's account. In fact, a survey was conducted in South Korea in February 2022 in which 71% of South Koreans said that their country should have nuclear weapons, even if it means breaking the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

This clearly means that all the countries have understood how necessary nuclear weapons are to intimidate the enemies. Now I am personally very against nuclear weapons, but I do not understand that such a tremendous technology, such tremendous low carbon energy which Through this, we can solve the problem of energy shortage. Through energy, we are finding ways to destroy other humans like us. Billions of dollars are spent on these nuclear weapons. Why just to give a push to the next one? Instead of this, our people kept dying of poverty and hunger. America will definitely take some action soon against the increasing power of North Korea. What do China and North Korea do in response to this action? If you liked today's article, then subscribe to our website. can thank you

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